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Transatlanticism is 10 years old – WTF???

So in connection with my last post today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Transatlanticism,” which is probably one of my top favorite albums for me. At it release the album was a huge turning point in popular culture and on the music scene in general. People had started to move away from the radio friendly songs and Top Forty, we were starting to grow-up. This album has stood the test of 10 years and still sounds relevant and as beautiful as it did 10 years ago. I was a sophomore in college when this came out. This album was first for me, In that not only did all my art school friends like it, but my fraternity brothers (which never happened before). It was great to re-listen to this album as a whole (which I haven’t done in awhile) and rediscover some of these forgotten gems.


Nostalgia – Music

I just kinda wanted to touch briefly on music and how it can brings back thoughts and feelings that have now pasted. I was driving to my parents this past Sunday when I accidentally ended up on a random playlist that I made a few years ago. I decided why no go ahead and give it a listen. After only about 3 songs a flood of memories started to roll in. I could remember all of the sudden thoughts and people that I haven’t though about in years. I remembered who I was dating, what events where go on in my life and job, what I was wearing even down to a really awesome meal I had during that time period. I had a mix of different feeling, part me wishing i could go back to that time again, things seemed so much easier then. But then I thought why? If I did that then I would have to go through all the same problems and issues that happened after that. It made m think I’m happy where I am right now (kind of, ha) and not want to relive that part again. It made me happy that music is such a powerful tool that makes able to go back and relive those great memories again. Any special songs that can do that for you, please share.

SPOILER ALERT! Dexter Finale – WTF!


IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN PLEASE DONT READ. So incase you didn’t know or care tonight was the series finale . And to be honest I’m not sure how I feel. First of all there are so many questions. Like how could he leave his son with someone else? I know he feels as though he is better off, but how will Hannah be able to deal with Harrison when he starts to develop his fathers same tendencies. The show has hinted at how Harrison was “born in the blood” just as Dexter was when he was a child. Being found crying in a pool of his mothers blood so was Harrison after Trinity murdered Rita. Should he now be there to instill “the code” in Harrison, and help shape him just as his father (and now we know Vogel) did for him? So that he could try and be a member of society, and not be put to death like most serial killers. As for Deb dying, I was sad but it made sense. After everything she had done to help Dexter, how could she continue to live with herself and ever be truly at peace. So it was only fitting and very symbolic , that Dexter should be the one to pull the life support and drop her body into the ocean just as he had done with countless others. And as he drove his boat into the hurricane that should have ended the show or at least show him arriving in Argentina to be with Hannah and Harrison. Not being in (I think Alaska) living in solitude. I get the fact that he is a serial killer and shouldn’t be happy and this is how he feels he should finish out his life. But c’mon we’ve always cheered on Dexter for he only did kill bad people, shouldn’t he have some kind of accident, maybe I’m a softy. In the final shot they could have at least zoomed out he could have at least given us that sly Dexter grin that he always does. Oh well we’ll see if my feeling shift over time. At least he had a pretty great beard in the last shot, just saying 😉