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50 Best Albums of the Year according to Sterogum

Stereogum_50_Best_AlbumsSince we are approaching the end of the semester and the end of the year I thought it might be good to share some of the best albums of the year. Now I don’t fully agree with this list nor do I clam to have listened to all these albums, hell I don’t even know who some of them are. But I wanted to share this particular list because I felt it gave a wide range of genres and artist and didn’t stick to one kind of style. Click the link below and check out for yourself. Maybe you’ll find something that you like or something new that you have heard of yet.


The Killers? – Are they back?

So I think my faith has been restored in The Killers. With the release of there newest single for “Just Another Girl.” This is the second release from from their greatest hits album Direct Hits. I wasn’t sure if I would ever love this band again as I once did after their disappointing release of their disappointing 5th album Battle Born. This greatest hits album also marks the bands 10 year anniversry mark. Yep we’re that old! It still seems like yesterday that I heard “Somebody Told Me” in my dorm room. I think shows that the band isn’t done yet and that they still have some great music in them. And that the last album was just a misstep. The video stars Glee actress Dianna Agron as different personifications of frontman Brandon Flowers over the years. Which I think is a great way of representing their work and reminiscing about the past 10 years. Not gonna lie I’m kind in love with this song.

And to my surprise there was another single too. The 80’s, M83 inspired stadium anthem “Shot At The Night” also featuring a young hollywood female, Bella Heathcote from Not Fade Away and Dark Shadows. Check it out too

Austin City Limits Portraits

I just stumbled across these photos and thought it was pretty cool. I’ve watched Austin City Limits for years and these pics contain some of my favorite bands. Also check out the photographers Pooneh Ghana and Daniel Cavazos links to there individual sites. The photos are great and really capture chill live music vibe. See if you see any of your favorite bands.

Local Natives 




Portugal. The Man


Music Videos can still be Fun – Travis “Moving”

I recently came across this video. My friend who is a huge Travis fan showed it to me and a I sweat we watched it at least 5 times in a row. Even my buddy who doesn’t like this type of music keep wanting to watch it over and over. This is such a great and simple concept, just a projector and the band members breath on a cold evening. Granted the idea is simple but the execution was very detailed and in-depth. There is even so much movement and things going on, but yet they are all staying in a fixed position. This is why I feel music videos exist, and I really wish bands would go back to this. Yes I know not every video can be as great as this one but I think they should at least try. This still makes me miss the day of watching hours or music video, other than searching them out online I wonder if channels still show videos? If anyone knows of any please let me know. Take a look and see what you think for yourself.

End of Summer Playlist

With last week being the beginning of Fall I thought it would be good to post my summer playlist. This year was interesting in the since that some of the songs that are included were released a few years ago, I just now found them. Such as CSS, alt-J and Calvin Harris. Some of the best summer songs in my opinion come from Washed Out and Wild Nothing. Especially with Washed Out (FUN FACT: who’s from Columbia SC) makes me feel like summer. To be specific, Washed makes me think of a hot sticky summer night as a teenager sneaking into pools for a cool off or even just late night swimming with a slight buzz too. Actually a lot of this playlist has reflections back to my younger years. Such as Japandroids’ “Younger US”, which make me think back to my want-to-be punk rocker high school days. Going to concerts at run-down shady places that 16 years olds shouldn’t be. It also makes me think of how I had this huge outlook on life at 16, as though anything was possible and that I had the world to explore, and just even the simple excitement of be at a concert was amazing. Then I come crashing back to relazation that I’m 30 and my outlook on life is so much more in-depth on complex and not as sunny. I really miss that feeling and wish I could somehow get it back. But until then at least music has that ability of being able to take you back and make you like a teenager again.

Covers Can Be Fun – Kings of Leon cover Robyn

Normally I’m not a huge fan of bands covering other bands songs, unless it is done really well or has a new spin on it. Yesterday, to my surprise, I found one of these covers. Kings of Leon in promotion of their new album Mechanical Bull LP did a live set on BBC 1 with some new material along with a cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”. And YES, that Robyn from the 90’s “Show Me Love” (in case you need a reminder). Back in 2010 she resurfaced with an amazing album trilogy, Body Talk 1, 2 and 3. These albums are a great mix of throbbing dance-floor anthems mixed with bubblegum pop, heartbroken love songs and catty weirdness sprinkled with some rap too. This trilogy was so well done the even indie rock kids (such as myself) and hipsters would want to get up “and dance all night”. Kings of Leon bring in a whole new dimension to this song, taking from a fist pumping dance-floor ballad to and amazing rock power balled. Check out the two different versions and see how dramatically different these versions are and how each one is great on its own.

First I’d watch the original Robyn version if you haven’t heard it , or have been living under a rock.


Then watch the cover:


And then just for $#*!’s and giggles watch Taran Killam from SNL, side by side comparison of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend”


HAIM – New Music

I thought it only fitting to write my first blog on a band that I’ve been obsessed with for months now. HAIM consist of three sisters who combine a ton of different genres into one simple and amazing sound. This band kinda encompasses everything that I love about music. They have an essence of Fleetwood Mac, mixed with a sunny California vibe, and a dash of 80’s pop. Their songs just freaking rock, they have great guitar parts that a raw and edgy but are able to combine them with lyrics and melodies that are deep, enduring and at times vulnerable. I have been waiting for almost a year now to hear a whole album, only getting a few singles every couple of months. Now the official full length album is set to release September 30th. I definitely feel like these chicks are going to be around for a while and haven’t touched upon what they are able to do.

Below is a link where you can check out some of their singles including “Falling”, “Don’t Save Me” and my new favorite “The Wire”. One side note , they need to speak to their designer about the kerning on the single covers, I mean ekkkk.