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Oktoberfest 2013



So Saturday was 2013¬†Oktoberfest. This is always an event that not only I look forward but my group of friends. This years lineup was slightly different due to babies and weddings. But none the less a blast was had by all. I will go ahead and say that this will be a short post due to after the first 1st hour I totally forgot that I was meaning to keep up so I could report back here. But I got a little drunky pants and have been paying for it all day. The local breweries didn’t disappoint as always NODA Brewery and Triple C had some of the best. One that I do remember standing out from all the rest however was the Highland Brewery Cold Mountain Winter Ale. It was absolutely great. THis was one of the best winter or Christmas ales that I’ve had in a long time. Even though this was a cold beer it had bites of warm notes that will be great to drink around a campfire or around a Christmas tree. I hope that I will be able to fins this in a store or on tap somewhere. If anyone hears or sees it, please let me know.



SPOILER ALERT! Dexter Finale – WTF!


IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN PLEASE DONT READ. So incase you didn’t know or care tonight was the series finale . And to be honest I’m not sure how I feel. First of all there are so many questions. Like how could he leave his son with someone else? I know he feels as though he is better off, but how will Hannah be able to deal with Harrison when he starts to develop his fathers same tendencies. The show has hinted at how Harrison was “born in the blood” just as Dexter was when he was a child. Being found crying in a pool of his mothers blood so was Harrison after Trinity murdered Rita. Should he now be there to instill “the code” in Harrison, and help shape him just as his father (and now we know Vogel) did for him? So that he could try and be a member of society, and not be put to death like most serial killers. As for Deb dying, I was sad but it made sense. After everything she had done to help Dexter, how could she continue to live with herself and ever be truly at peace. So it was only fitting and very symbolic , that Dexter should be the one to pull the life support and drop her body into the ocean just as he had done with countless others. And as he drove his boat into the hurricane that should have ended the show or at least show him arriving in Argentina to be with Hannah and Harrison. Not being in (I think Alaska) living in solitude. I get the fact that he is a serial killer and shouldn’t be happy and this is how he feels he should finish out his life. But c’mon we’ve always cheered on Dexter for he only did kill bad people, shouldn’t he have some kind of accident, maybe I’m a softy. In the final shot they could have at least zoomed out he could have at least given us that sly Dexter grin that he always does. Oh well we’ll see if my feeling shift over time. At least he had a pretty great beard in the last shot, just saying ūüėČ


Beard Maintenance


So a lot of people out there in cyber might not realize that having a beard can be a lot of upkeep. Granted I don’t think its as bad as shaving everyday but there are certain things a guy needs to do to maintain it. Some guys prefer the wild unkept look, but lets face it, to be in the working world and have a beard you have to still look well groomed and lets be honest no matter the length of a beard and trimmed and well groomed one always looks better. I’ve recently come across a site that helps you do that (click on the logo above to go to the site). For the past 5-7 years I’ve been using a shave oil that goes on before your shaving cream to help the razor glad over your skin. I recently have been trying some different beard oils and beard elixirs. Beardbrand oils have become my favorite ones recently, especially the Spiced Citrus. ¬†Beard oils are like a conditioner for your beard. Especially if you have a thicker longer beard it helps make it manageable, it also gives it a slight shine and a great smell. I know these probably aren’t for every guy but for me they are a nice treat to just my your beard even better. Also check out their site for other essentials and extras.


Covers Can Be Fun – Kings of Leon cover Robyn

Normally I’m not a huge fan of bands covering other bands songs, unless it is done really well or has a new spin on it. Yesterday, to my surprise, I found one of these covers. Kings of Leon in promotion of their new album Mechanical Bull LP¬†did a live set on BBC 1 with some new material along with a cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”. And YES, that Robyn from the 90’s “Show Me Love”¬†(in case you need a reminder). Back in 2010 she resurfaced with an amazing album trilogy, Body Talk 1, 2 and 3. These albums are a great mix of throbbing dance-floor anthems mixed¬†with bubblegum pop, heartbroken love songs and catty weirdness sprinkled with some rap too. This trilogy was so well done the even indie rock kids (such as myself) and hipsters would want to get up “and dance all night”. Kings of Leon bring in a whole new dimension to this song, taking from a fist pumping dance-floor ballad to and amazing rock power balled. Check out the two different versions and see how dramatically different these versions are and how each one is great on its own.

First I’d watch the original Robyn version if you haven’t heard it , or have been living under a rock.

Then watch the cover:

And then just for $#*!’s and giggles watch¬†Taran Killam from SNL, side by side comparison of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend”

Pumpkin Beers – Too Early?

In case you’re not aware pumpkin beers are starting to get very popular. It seems like 5 years ago, no one was really into them and they were kinda hard to come across. Today they are everywhere and every brewery seems to have their own take. I really like pumpkin beers and look forward to the season. But the thing is they are already out, I mean is it just me does it not seem to early? I bought some the other day and was disappointed because there was no fall chill in the air, It’s still freaking summer. Yes Labor Day has passed but it still feels like summer outside. I just couldn’t get into it. Is it wrong that these companies are trying to capitalize on such a great product or is it just to dang early. I guess some parts of the country are starting to cool off but here its still hot and humid. So I guess I will still need to wait a few weeks before I can enjoy this frosty fall beverages.¬†Below is a listing of my top five Pumpkin Beer/Ale, feel free to let me know what your favorites are.

1. Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale – Punk


2. Epic Brewing Imperial Pumpkin Porter


3. Noda Brewing Gordgeous Pumpkin Ale


4. Southern Tier Pumking Ale


5. Cottonwood Pumpkin Spice Ale


HAIM – New Music

I thought it only fitting to write my first blog on a band that I’ve been obsessed with for months now. HAIM consist of three sisters who combine a ton of different genres into one simple and amazing sound.¬†This band kinda encompasses everything that I love about music. They have an essence of Fleetwood Mac, mixed with a sunny California vibe, and a dash of 80’s pop. Their songs just freaking rock, they have great guitar parts that a raw and edgy but are able to combine them with lyrics and melodies that are deep, enduring and at times vulnerable. I have been waiting for almost a year now to hear a whole album, only getting a few singles every couple of months. Now the official full length album is set to release September 30th. I definitely feel like these chicks are going to be around for a while and haven’t touched upon what they are able to do.

Below is a link where you can check out some of their singles including “Falling”, “Don’t Save Me” and my new favorite “The Wire”. One side note , they need to speak to their designer about the kerning on the single covers, I mean ekkkk.