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Beer Infographic – I think this clears it up


So it may not be any clearer, but it definitely lays it all out for you. Basically all beer steams from either Ale or Lager which I just learn, I thought there were more. Then it is broken into other subcategories and varieties. I also like how at the bottom it shows the kind of glass it goes in, which I’ve always wondered. I’ve included the link so that you can go an view it larger if you want to see more detail. Plus the site is really awesome to with some great info graphics that you can buy.


Beer and Food

foodpairing-21As most of you are aware, people a lot of times will pair wine with there food. Different wines such as reds or whites, cabernet or chardonnay with things like beef or fish or even dessert. Now a days the same thing is starting to happen with beer. With the rise of the microbrew and local breweries popping up everywhere in most cities people are starting to take beer more seriously. Gone are the days that beer is only for football games and hanging with the guys. Now beer is highly regarded and and has created beer snobs (such as yours truely). Today microbrews have so much more flavor and depth than your Miller Lites of the past. Not only are the beers more flavorful but the brewing process is more involved too, even using things such as fruits, chocolate and even pine trees just to name a few to add more in depth flavors. It’s no longer looked down on to have one of these beers with your dinner but what is import what kind of beer you have. To the left are some very different types of beers and can help lead you to what to pick with your dinner tonight.

Oktoberfest 2013



So Saturday was 2013 Oktoberfest. This is always an event that not only I look forward but my group of friends. This years lineup was slightly different due to babies and weddings. But none the less a blast was had by all. I will go ahead and say that this will be a short post due to after the first 1st hour I totally forgot that I was meaning to keep up so I could report back here. But I got a little drunky pants and have been paying for it all day. The local breweries didn’t disappoint as always NODA Brewery and Triple C had some of the best. One that I do remember standing out from all the rest however was the Highland Brewery Cold Mountain Winter Ale. It was absolutely great. THis was one of the best winter or Christmas ales that I’ve had in a long time. Even though this was a cold beer it had bites of warm notes that will be great to drink around a campfire or around a Christmas tree. I hope that I will be able to fins this in a store or on tap somewhere. If anyone hears or sees it, please let me know.


Pumpkin Beers – Too Early?

In case you’re not aware pumpkin beers are starting to get very popular. It seems like 5 years ago, no one was really into them and they were kinda hard to come across. Today they are everywhere and every brewery seems to have their own take. I really like pumpkin beers and look forward to the season. But the thing is they are already out, I mean is it just me does it not seem to early? I bought some the other day and was disappointed because there was no fall chill in the air, It’s still freaking summer. Yes Labor Day has passed but it still feels like summer outside. I just couldn’t get into it. Is it wrong that these companies are trying to capitalize on such a great product or is it just to dang early. I guess some parts of the country are starting to cool off but here its still hot and humid. So I guess I will still need to wait a few weeks before I can enjoy this frosty fall beverages. Below is a listing of my top five Pumpkin Beer/Ale, feel free to let me know what your favorites are.

1. Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale – Punk


2. Epic Brewing Imperial Pumpkin Porter


3. Noda Brewing Gordgeous Pumpkin Ale


4. Southern Tier Pumking Ale


5. Cottonwood Pumpkin Spice Ale