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50 Best Albums of the Year according to Sterogum

Stereogum_50_Best_AlbumsSince we are approaching the end of the semester and the end of the year I thought it might be good to share some of the best albums of the year. Now I don’t fully agree with this list nor do I clam to have listened to all these albums, hell I don’t even know who some of them are. But I wanted to share this particular list because I felt it gave a wide range of genres and artist and didn’t stick to one kind of style. Click the link below and check out for yourself. Maybe you’ll find something that you like or something new that you have heard of yet.


The Killers? – Are they back?

So I think my faith has been restored in The Killers. With the release of there newest single for “Just Another Girl.” This is the second release from from their greatest hits album Direct Hits. I wasn’t sure if I would ever love this band again as I once did after their disappointing release of their disappointing 5th album Battle Born. This greatest hits album also marks the bands 10 year anniversry mark. Yep we’re that old! It still seems like yesterday that I heard “Somebody Told Me” in my dorm room. I think shows that the band isn’t done yet and that they still have some great music in them. And that the last album was just a misstep. The video stars Glee actress Dianna Agron as different personifications of frontman Brandon Flowers over the years. Which I think is a great way of representing their work and reminiscing about the past 10 years. Not gonna lie I’m kind in love with this song.

And to my surprise there was another single too. The 80’s, M83 inspired stadium anthem “Shot At The Night” also featuring a young hollywood female, Bella Heathcote from Not Fade Away and Dark Shadows. Check it out too

Transatlanticism is 10 years old – WTF???

So in connection with my last post today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Transatlanticism,” which is probably one of my top favorite albums for me. At it release the album was a huge turning point in popular culture and on the music scene in general. People had started to move away from the radio friendly songs and Top Forty, we were starting to grow-up. This album has stood the test of 10 years and still sounds relevant and as beautiful as it did 10 years ago. I was a sophomore in college when this came out. This album was first for me, In that not only did all my art school friends like it, but my fraternity brothers (which never happened before). It was great to re-listen to this album as a whole (which I haven’t done in awhile) and rediscover some of these forgotten gems.

Nostalgia – Music

I just kinda wanted to touch briefly on music and how it can brings back thoughts and feelings that have now pasted. I was driving to my parents this past Sunday when I accidentally ended up on a random playlist that I made a few years ago. I decided why no go ahead and give it a listen. After only about 3 songs a flood of memories started to roll in. I could remember all of the sudden thoughts and people that I haven’t though about in years. I remembered who I was dating, what events where go on in my life and job, what I was wearing even down to a really awesome meal I had during that time period. I had a mix of different feeling, part me wishing i could go back to that time again, things seemed so much easier then. But then I thought why? If I did that then I would have to go through all the same problems and issues that happened after that. It made m think I’m happy where I am right now (kind of, ha) and not want to relive that part again. It made me happy that music is such a powerful tool that makes able to go back and relive those great memories again. Any special songs that can do that for you, please share.