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The Killers? – Are they back?

So I think my faith has been restored in The Killers. With the release of there newest single for “Just Another Girl.” This is the second release from from their greatest hits album Direct Hits. I wasn’t sure if I would ever love this band again as I once did after their disappointing release of their disappointing 5th album Battle Born. This greatest hits album also marks the bands 10 year anniversry mark. Yep we’re that old! It still seems like yesterday that I heard “Somebody Told Me” in my dorm room. I think shows that the band isn’t done yet and that they still have some great music in them. And that the last album was just a misstep. The video stars Glee actress Dianna Agron as different personifications of frontman Brandon Flowers over the years. Which I think is a great way of representing their work and reminiscing about the past 10 years. Not gonna lie I’m kind in love with this song.

And to my surprise there was another single too. The 80’s, M83 inspired stadium anthem “Shot At The Night” also featuring a young hollywood female, Bella Heathcote from Not Fade Away and Dark Shadows. Check it out too


Style and Trim Guide

Ok so, I know that the site below was made to sell Gillette shaving products but the videos are pretty cool. Especially for those guys that need a little guidance. The videos are broken down into 18 basic different styles. They each show step by step, how to achieve the look you want. However each one does start with some substantial growth and then is trimmed down from there. So you might need at least a good week or two growth before starting this journey. I’ve also included a Tumblr page that could help with inspiration, or just take in the gloriousness of beardness. Happy Shaving.

Style and Trim Guide

Click here for inspiration


Austin City Limits Portraits

I just stumbled across these photos and thought it was pretty cool. I’ve watched Austin City Limits for years and these pics contain some of my favorite bands. Also check out the photographers Pooneh Ghana and Daniel Cavazos links to there individual sites. The photos are great and really capture chill live music vibe. See if you see any of your favorite bands.

Local Natives 




Portugal. The Man


Beer Infographic – I think this clears it up


So it may not be any clearer, but it definitely lays it all out for you. Basically all beer steams from either Ale or Lager which I just learn, I thought there were more. Then it is broken into other subcategories and varieties. I also like how at the bottom it shows the kind of glass it goes in, which I’ve always wondered. I’ve included the link so that you can go an view it larger if you want to see more detail. Plus the site is really awesome to with some great info graphics that you can buy.

Movember v/s No-Shave November


As I’m sure that most of you are aware November is the month of facial hair. The two main campaigns are Movember  No-Shave November. Both involve growing facial hair, and both raise consciousness for mens health issues. But there are  few differences. The idea is that if you are bold enough to grow than people are going to want to talk to you and ask you about your awesome facial hair. This gives you the opportunity to tell them why you are growing and what your cause is and thus to bring awareness to people.


Movember is the combination of mustache and November. This particular cause involves goring a mustache and raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer along with mental health issues and challenges. It state red back in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia and has grown into a global charity. You are allowed to shave and trim the other areas just not your stache. Fellow mustache growers are known as MoBros.


No-Shave November

No-Shave November involves not shaving at all and letting a full beard grow as wild and unruly and as manly as possible. No-Shave started in 2009 and and is involved with the American Cancer Society.


So some of you guys out there can’t grow facial hair because of work or genetics. But there are ways of of supporting these issues. Go to any of the sites listed about and buy merchandise or share and show your support. Even some women are getting involved and not shaving their legs, I don’t endorse that however. Still hairy legs on a woman is nowhere as sexy as a man with facial hair. Just saying

Beer and Food

foodpairing-21As most of you are aware, people a lot of times will pair wine with there food. Different wines such as reds or whites, cabernet or chardonnay with things like beef or fish or even dessert. Now a days the same thing is starting to happen with beer. With the rise of the microbrew and local breweries popping up everywhere in most cities people are starting to take beer more seriously. Gone are the days that beer is only for football games and hanging with the guys. Now beer is highly regarded and and has created beer snobs (such as yours truely). Today microbrews have so much more flavor and depth than your Miller Lites of the past. Not only are the beers more flavorful but the brewing process is more involved too, even using things such as fruits, chocolate and even pine trees just to name a few to add more in depth flavors. It’s no longer looked down on to have one of these beers with your dinner but what is import what kind of beer you have. To the left are some very different types of beers and can help lead you to what to pick with your dinner tonight.

Dollar Shave Club

53Hello again to allow my bearded friends. I’ve recently come across a very interesting website. It’s called Dollar Shave Club. Basically the concept is for $1, $6 or $9 a month you get up to 5 cartridges in the mail. The have 3 separate plans to choose from. You have the Humble Twin – $1, which includes 5 cartridges each with 2 stainless steel blades and a moisturizing strip. The middle grade plan is The 4X – $6, which includes 4 cartridges each with 4 stainless steel blades and a moisturizing strip and open for easy rinse. And the top plan is The Executive – $9, which includes 4 cartridges moisturizing strip and trimmer built in. All in all this seems like a pretty great deal. As most guys know buying razors can costs you small fortune. I assume women may have the same issue, I just have never bought lady razors. Even for those of us who have beards well still need a trim every now and then. And hey there are a few times when we do need to shave, such as No Shave November or Movember. I think I need to try this out, I personally sounds like a great deal. It even seems as though each category comes with a handle as well. Also check out the hilarious videos. I wasn’t expecting them to be so funny, the first one more than the second. It seems like it’s trying to hard.  I’ve posted them at the bottom incase you didn’t go to site they are a little inappropriate but nothing too bad, just pre-warning.

Check out the site here

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