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Cut Copy’s – New Album

So whats not to love about this video. Eric Northman, cults and blue puma running suits. Ok yeah its a bit odd but I enjoy the unexpected in video. Alexander Skarsgard runs through the forest, leads a tribe, performs a baptism and calms a pit bull all the while being followed by a little ol assistant lady. He removes his robe and starts running the forest again. Watch for yourself and see what you think. Plus I early waiting the new album to come out next week. Cut Copy is an Australian indie electronic, sythpop, new wave band formed in 2001. They do a great job of blending in lyrics with great dance beats. They also have a bit of a 90’s throw back in a lot of their songs, not in a cheesy way but what made 90’s pop kinda good (if I can say that without being stoned to death).

In September the full version of “Free Your Mind” (song below) debuted at six specific locations worldwide. Fans were informed that they could visit selected billboards in Mexico, Chile, Australia, Detroit, and California and one in the UK at Blaneau Gwent in South Wales. When fans were standing near the billboard, they could open an app which would allow them to stream the track through their smartphones. Pretty cool promotion I think, if we had had one hear I would have definitely gone.


Fictional Beers – Would you drink them?

In response to some recent requests, I’ve complied a list of fictional beers from popular TV shows. Now this isn’t and all inclusive list, but a list from some of my favorite shows some cartoons. Some of these I would try namely because of the hilarity of the skit or episode. The others seem to just be like a Miller Lite or Bud Lite type of beer. Which if you’ve been reading blog, should know by now that I have more of a snobby (or what a prefer to call a refined taste) in beers.

First would be Vän Der Bräu – Don’t Trust the B*** in Apt 23.

I hate this show was cute short, but I loved James Van Der Beek fictionalized self-absorbed version of himself in the show. So it’s fitting that he’d have his own beer with him on the label with a flowing lions mane.

350x500_van der brau

Second is Alamo Beer – King of the Hill

King of the Hills is a great personification what rednecks do while drinking and sitting (standing) around and discussing nothing in particular. The show has some great episodes that revolve around the beer itself. And just the name is funny to me, I guess that can’t just call it Budweiser, ha.


Third is Dharma Initiative – Lost

If your trapped on an island with lots of crazy unexplainable things going on around you, you need a beer too. I love that the packaging is so plan and simple (just like all the other initiative products. It just makes me thing its a really crappy lite beer.


Fourth  is Pawtucket Patriot Ale – Family Guy

This is another cartoon show who’s father character, drinks too much. I wander if this is a reflection of the creators childhood, it would explain a lot. Family has a few episodes to that focus on the beer a main theme. One even in which drinkers could find a golden ticket and go on a factory tour, all of which was a play on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

FGmindmurder0012 pawtucket-patriot-ale

Fifth is Samuel Jackson Beer – Chappelle Show

*bad words are replace with the word sandwich)*

[shouts] Good mothersandwhiching choice, mothersandwhicher! Samuel Jackson! Made painstakingly by me, Samuel L. Jackson! It’ll get ya drunk! You’ll be sandwhiching fat girls in no time! You might even fight a sandwich or two! Mmmm-mmm, bitch!  – NUFF SAID –


Sixth and Lastly is Duff Beer – Simpsons

Who could forget this one. I think the is the most iconic of the fictional beers. Mainly because Simpsons have been around forever but because it has appeared in more episodes than most character (ex: Millhouse).  Also who could forget Duff Beers Duffman, the buff, womanizing spokesman who is always surrounded by bikini-clad women. Small fun fact, Did you know Duff and Duff Light are the same beer just different labels…?


Transatlanticism is 10 years old – WTF???

So in connection with my last post today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Transatlanticism,” which is probably one of my top favorite albums for me. At it release the album was a huge turning point in popular culture and on the music scene in general. People had started to move away from the radio friendly songs and Top Forty, we were starting to grow-up. This album has stood the test of 10 years and still sounds relevant and as beautiful as it did 10 years ago. I was a sophomore in college when this came out. This album was first for me, In that not only did all my art school friends like it, but my fraternity brothers (which never happened before). It was great to re-listen to this album as a whole (which I haven’t done in awhile) and rediscover some of these forgotten gems.

Nostalgia – Music

I just kinda wanted to touch briefly on music and how it can brings back thoughts and feelings that have now pasted. I was driving to my parents this past Sunday when I accidentally ended up on a random playlist that I made a few years ago. I decided why no go ahead and give it a listen. After only about 3 songs a flood of memories started to roll in. I could remember all of the sudden thoughts and people that I haven’t though about in years. I remembered who I was dating, what events where go on in my life and job, what I was wearing even down to a really awesome meal I had during that time period. I had a mix of different feeling, part me wishing i could go back to that time again, things seemed so much easier then. But then I thought why? If I did that then I would have to go through all the same problems and issues that happened after that. It made m think I’m happy where I am right now (kind of, ha) and not want to relive that part again. It made me happy that music is such a powerful tool that makes able to go back and relive those great memories again. Any special songs that can do that for you, please share.

Trustworthiness of a Beard

We have all seen a plethora of different types and styles of facial hair over the years. Some good, some horrible, some to go along with trends of fashion and music and others just because wearers like it. Beards themselves, have become more popular over the years too, not just because the are becoming more socially acceptable but because the give a man a sense of dignity and trustworthiness. I have found an info graphic that I feels best lays this out to you viewers. As always there are exceptions to the rules. We all know someone who can swing the vote in a completely different situation. Just like i don’t fully agree with the unkept beard image, I for one tend to let mine get unrulely about once a month. I think the should have called it the “Hipster” beard and that would have made more sense. So basically consider this a helpful guide if you will. And who doesn’t love info graphics, they are simple, fun and straight to the point, which is something we can all appreciate.


Music Videos can still be Fun – Travis “Moving”

I recently came across this video. My friend who is a huge Travis fan showed it to me and a I sweat we watched it at least 5 times in a row. Even my buddy who doesn’t like this type of music keep wanting to watch it over and over. This is such a great and simple concept, just a projector and the band members breath on a cold evening. Granted the idea is simple but the execution was very detailed and in-depth. There is even so much movement and things going on, but yet they are all staying in a fixed position. This is why I feel music videos exist, and I really wish bands would go back to this. Yes I know not every video can be as great as this one but I think they should at least try. This still makes me miss the day of watching hours or music video, other than searching them out online I wonder if channels still show videos? If anyone knows of any please let me know. Take a look and see what you think for yourself.

End of Summer Playlist

With last week being the beginning of Fall I thought it would be good to post my summer playlist. This year was interesting in the since that some of the songs that are included were released a few years ago, I just now found them. Such as CSS, alt-J and Calvin Harris. Some of the best summer songs in my opinion come from Washed Out and Wild Nothing. Especially with Washed Out (FUN FACT: who’s from Columbia SC) makes me feel like summer. To be specific, Washed makes me think of a hot sticky summer night as a teenager sneaking into pools for a cool off or even just late night swimming with a slight buzz too. Actually a lot of this playlist has reflections back to my younger years. Such as Japandroids’ “Younger US”, which make me think back to my want-to-be punk rocker high school days. Going to concerts at run-down shady places that 16 years olds shouldn’t be. It also makes me think of how I had this huge outlook on life at 16, as though anything was possible and that I had the world to explore, and just even the simple excitement of be at a concert was amazing. Then I come crashing back to relazation that I’m 30 and my outlook on life is so much more in-depth on complex and not as sunny. I really miss that feeling and wish I could somehow get it back. But until then at least music has that ability of being able to take you back and make you like a teenager again.