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8 of The Best Facial in Pop History

1. Abraham Lincoln
Before Honest Abe came around, the White House was pretty devoid of beard and stache.
2. Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin dug the toothbrush style mustache for its comical appearance—and also because it didn’t hide his many facial expressions.
3. Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali’s paintings epitomized the surrealist movement. And his quirky persona matched his obscure art, his look was defined by his waxed, twisted upward mustache, Once when asked about the mustache, he said “Since I don’t smoke, I decided to grow a mustache – it’s better for my health.”
4. Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley made sideburns popular again during the “greaser era” by defining the rebellious style and look. As Elvis’ fame (and waistband) grew, so did his facial hair. Since his death, legions of Las Vegas impersonators have paid homage to the Elvis burns—both old and new, real and fake.
5. ZZ Top
Hair of the ‘80s can best be described with one word: big. And for Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, frontmen of the rock band ZZ Top, their beards were no exception. (In one of the greatest examples of irony ever, the name of the band’s mostly clean-shaven drummer is… Frank Beard.)
6. Tom Selleck
 In his heyday as Magnum, P.I., Selleck sported probably the smoothest stache in history. But if you watch In & Out or Season 6 of Friends you miss out on this wonderful stache.
7. Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine)
This is the second time he is mentioned in one of my list, so you know he’s kind of a big deal.
8. Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation) in amidst a sea of over-the-top hipster beards, Swanson sports a clean-cut stache that has been known to store steak particles for weeks. His cranky character even has a philosophy about facial hair, thanks to the “Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness” he revealed during Season 3. (“Facial Hair – Full, thick and square. Nothing sculpted. If you have to sculpt it, that probably means you can’t grow it.”)

Some of the Worst foods for a Bearded Man

In honor of this past week being Thanksgiving. I’ve decided to give a brief run down of some of the messiest foods that I’ve encounter with a beard. Sure this isn’t everything out there just some of my miss haps. Feel free to comment on your own beard and food blunders below.
1.Drinks – Granted this seems to be a minor issue. but for those of us who like frothy beers and foamy coffees. This can be a big dilemma. So just be cautious when grabbing beers on a date or coffee with a co-worker to always check and recheck.
2.Soup – Yes you can control this by using a spoon or drinking it from a to-go sippy-cup but still it’s a pain.
3.Birthday – Icing in my experience has proven to be the devil. Especially if no one tells you and the icing hards it a bitch to get out.
4.Guacomole & Cheese Dips – I have found these can be controlled by smaller bites and smaller deeps. But still sometimes you just can’t help but to just drink that cheese dip from your favorite Mexican restaurant. Again just make sure to check and recheck.
5.Corn on the Cob – This can be one of natures curelest vegetables for beards. But hey the extra butter does help soft my beard and give it a nice shine.
6.Pancakes – No matter I do, I can’t seem to keep syrup out of my beard. No matter if it’s smaller bites or less syrup it is going to be stuck in there. So i’ve just learned that if I can take a shower afterwards then it’s no pancakes for me.
7.Ribs and Wings – These are even horrible for people who don’t have beards. You just might as well face it, you going to get it all in your beard, there is no way around it. At least most places provide those handy little lemon scented wipes.
8.Fettucine Alfredo – Lastly for me this is the worst. As much as I love Alfredo sauce it is the worst. Again no matter what you do it will get stuck in your beard. But what makes this the worst is the smell. Once that sauce isn’t fresh anymore it almost gives off the odor of vomit, which for me is unbearable. So again just like with pancakes, I have to go shower afterwards or it’s no Alfredo sauce for me.

Movember v/s No-Shave November


As I’m sure that most of you are aware November is the month of facial hair. The two main campaigns are Movember  No-Shave November. Both involve growing facial hair, and both raise consciousness for mens health issues. But there are  few differences. The idea is that if you are bold enough to grow than people are going to want to talk to you and ask you about your awesome facial hair. This gives you the opportunity to tell them why you are growing and what your cause is and thus to bring awareness to people.


Movember is the combination of mustache and November. This particular cause involves goring a mustache and raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer along with mental health issues and challenges. It state red back in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia and has grown into a global charity. You are allowed to shave and trim the other areas just not your stache. Fellow mustache growers are known as MoBros.


No-Shave November

No-Shave November involves not shaving at all and letting a full beard grow as wild and unruly and as manly as possible. No-Shave started in 2009 and and is involved with the American Cancer Society.


So some of you guys out there can’t grow facial hair because of work or genetics. But there are ways of of supporting these issues. Go to any of the sites listed about and buy merchandise or share and show your support. Even some women are getting involved and not shaving their legs, I don’t endorse that however. Still hairy legs on a woman is nowhere as sexy as a man with facial hair. Just saying

Dollar Shave Club

53Hello again to allow my bearded friends. I’ve recently come across a very interesting website. It’s called Dollar Shave Club. Basically the concept is for $1, $6 or $9 a month you get up to 5 cartridges in the mail. The have 3 separate plans to choose from. You have the Humble Twin – $1, which includes 5 cartridges each with 2 stainless steel blades and a moisturizing strip. The middle grade plan is The 4X – $6, which includes 4 cartridges each with 4 stainless steel blades and a moisturizing strip and open for easy rinse. And the top plan is The Executive – $9, which includes 4 cartridges moisturizing strip and trimmer built in. All in all this seems like a pretty great deal. As most guys know buying razors can costs you small fortune. I assume women may have the same issue, I just have never bought lady razors. Even for those of us who have beards well still need a trim every now and then. And hey there are a few times when we do need to shave, such as No Shave November or Movember. I think I need to try this out, I personally sounds like a great deal. It even seems as though each category comes with a handle as well. Also check out the hilarious videos. I wasn’t expecting them to be so funny, the first one more than the second. It seems like it’s trying to hard.  I’ve posted them at the bottom incase you didn’t go to site they are a little inappropriate but nothing too bad, just pre-warning.

Check out the site here

[youtube [youtube

Halloween Costumes for Guys with Beards

If you’re like me, you hate shaving your beard for any reason. Even for laughs I hate shaving, it’s one night and then about 3 weeks to a month of waiting for it to grow back and be epic again. I will say I have been known to shave for such an occasion, but not every year do I feel like such dedication. Everyone knows a pirate and lumberjack are great ideas, but those are just ordinary. So below are a few ideas that allow you to keep your beard and have a great costume. I some cases it may even give you a reason to let it grow bigger and more badass.

Richie Tenenbaum – From The Royal Tenebaums

All you need is sunglasses, headband, wristbands and a tan suit. Some people may not get it if they haven’t seen the movie but those who have will find the humor.


The Guys form Duck Dynasty

This would be a fun group costume with some bearded buddies. I have to admit I’ve never watched the show and never will but still its pop culture relevant.


The Most Interesting Man in the World – Dos Equis Commercial

If you are already going a bit grey this would be a great idea. If not settle with some colors hairspray. You just need and nice suit and maybe some sexy ladies as arm candy. And you get to talk in a fun accent all night which is always fun.


Macho Man Randy Savage

So this costume may be a little more intricate. But if you up for making a read pleather suit and neon animal print go for, it will be a hit. Wrestling speedos and boots would work too, if you are brave enough. And you get to carry around Slim Jims all night. OOOOOOH YEEEEAH



Yeah I know this one has been done before, but it’s still a fun idea. Just get some hair gel, a tank top, something to look like claws and your done. This beard however may take some trimming but some may already have this look.


Dom Deluise

For those of us who are chubby and bearded, this would be fun. Some people might not get, unless you gee up in the early 80’s. All you need is a driving cap and a plaid shirt (and if you are bearded I’m sure you already have a plaid shirt). Also could be a fun Smoky and The Bandit group idea.


The Dude

This one you get to be comfortable and show off your beard too. You get to walk around in your sweatpants all night and break out that knitted cardigan you have in the back  of your closet. You also get to drink White Russians and say dude all night.


Mr. T

buff said on this one, a mohawk and a ton of gold chains and rings. I Pity the Fool!


Al Borland-

This may be the easiest of all, probably just a carpenter apron and a flannel shirt, which again I’m sure we all have.

Richard Karn in "Home Improvement"

Alan – From the Hangover

Perfect for new Dads, or if your baby can’t stay out that late just get a fake one.


Prince Vultan – from Flash Gordon

This is probably the most detailed of all the bearded costumes. But will also make the best impression. Agin unless you are a kid from the 80’s you might not get this. But will still be great laughs


Trustworthiness of a Beard

We have all seen a plethora of different types and styles of facial hair over the years. Some good, some horrible, some to go along with trends of fashion and music and others just because wearers like it. Beards themselves, have become more popular over the years too, not just because the are becoming more socially acceptable but because the give a man a sense of dignity and trustworthiness. I have found an info graphic that I feels best lays this out to you viewers. As always there are exceptions to the rules. We all know someone who can swing the vote in a completely different situation. Just like i don’t fully agree with the unkept beard image, I for one tend to let mine get unrulely about once a month. I think the should have called it the “Hipster” beard and that would have made more sense. So basically consider this a helpful guide if you will. And who doesn’t love info graphics, they are simple, fun and straight to the point, which is something we can all appreciate.


SPOILER ALERT! Dexter Finale – WTF!


IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN PLEASE DONT READ. So incase you didn’t know or care tonight was the series finale . And to be honest I’m not sure how I feel. First of all there are so many questions. Like how could he leave his son with someone else? I know he feels as though he is better off, but how will Hannah be able to deal with Harrison when he starts to develop his fathers same tendencies. The show has hinted at how Harrison was “born in the blood” just as Dexter was when he was a child. Being found crying in a pool of his mothers blood so was Harrison after Trinity murdered Rita. Should he now be there to instill “the code” in Harrison, and help shape him just as his father (and now we know Vogel) did for him? So that he could try and be a member of society, and not be put to death like most serial killers. As for Deb dying, I was sad but it made sense. After everything she had done to help Dexter, how could she continue to live with herself and ever be truly at peace. So it was only fitting and very symbolic , that Dexter should be the one to pull the life support and drop her body into the ocean just as he had done with countless others. And as he drove his boat into the hurricane that should have ended the show or at least show him arriving in Argentina to be with Hannah and Harrison. Not being in (I think Alaska) living in solitude. I get the fact that he is a serial killer and shouldn’t be happy and this is how he feels he should finish out his life. But c’mon we’ve always cheered on Dexter for he only did kill bad people, shouldn’t he have some kind of accident, maybe I’m a softy. In the final shot they could have at least zoomed out he could have at least given us that sly Dexter grin that he always does. Oh well we’ll see if my feeling shift over time. At least he had a pretty great beard in the last shot, just saying 😉