Fictional Beers – Would you drink them?

In response to some recent requests, I’ve complied a list of fictional beers from popular TV shows. Now this isn’t and all inclusive list, but a list from some of my favorite shows some cartoons. Some of these I would try namely because of the hilarity of the skit or episode. The others seem to just be like a Miller Lite or Bud Lite type of beer. Which if you’ve been reading blog, should know by now that I have more of a snobby (or what a prefer to call a refined taste) in beers.

First would be Vän Der Bräu – Don’t Trust the B*** in Apt 23.

I hate this show was cute short, but I loved James Van Der Beek fictionalized self-absorbed version of himself in the show. So it’s fitting that he’d have his own beer with him on the label with a flowing lions mane.

350x500_van der brau

Second is Alamo Beer – King of the Hill

King of the Hills is a great personification what rednecks do while drinking and sitting (standing) around and discussing nothing in particular. The show has some great episodes that revolve around the beer itself. And just the name is funny to me, I guess that can’t just call it Budweiser, ha.


Third is Dharma Initiative – Lost

If your trapped on an island with lots of crazy unexplainable things going on around you, you need a beer too. I love that the packaging is so plan and simple (just like all the other initiative products. It just makes me thing its a really crappy lite beer.


Fourth  is Pawtucket Patriot Ale – Family Guy

This is another cartoon show who’s father character, drinks too much. I wander if this is a reflection of the creators childhood, it would explain a lot. Family has a few episodes to that focus on the beer a main theme. One even in which drinkers could find a golden ticket and go on a factory tour, all of which was a play on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

FGmindmurder0012 pawtucket-patriot-ale

Fifth is Samuel Jackson Beer – Chappelle Show

*bad words are replace with the word sandwich)*

[shouts] Good mothersandwhiching choice, mothersandwhicher! Samuel Jackson! Made painstakingly by me, Samuel L. Jackson! It’ll get ya drunk! You’ll be sandwhiching fat girls in no time! You might even fight a sandwich or two! Mmmm-mmm, bitch!  – NUFF SAID –


Sixth and Lastly is Duff Beer – Simpsons

Who could forget this one. I think the is the most iconic of the fictional beers. Mainly because Simpsons have been around forever but because it has appeared in more episodes than most character (ex: Millhouse).  Also who could forget Duff Beers Duffman, the buff, womanizing spokesman who is always surrounded by bikini-clad women. Small fun fact, Did you know Duff and Duff Light are the same beer just different labels…?



About veggiescruff

You may be wondering what the hell VeggieScruff means? Well my last name is Turnipseed that leads to the nickname Veggie, which I’ve had for years. The scruff part didn’t come till years later with I started to develop an admiration for beards and guys with them. I also grew a love for beer and as the years passed I began experimenting and trying new different beers. But the one thing that has always been present in my life was music, ever since I was a kid. Most of my friends even refer to me as a music-snob, I think it’s meant to enduring or at least that how I’m taking it. So basically a bearded guy will always gets my attention. Then if said bearded guy were drinking a microbrew or craft beer then I’d be intrigued. But if said dude with beer was listening to really awesome music… well then you’d be reading this blog, that or be on the best date ever. So feel free to follow along or leave, the title only consists of just some of my main interest but I’m also a Printmaker and Designer so some of those topics will be scattered about and probably a few random rants too. My posts may not be relevant or even safe for work. But I will always try to be honest, entertaining and even hopefully informative from time to time, if I feel like it.

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    this was fantastic

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