End of Summer Playlist

With last week being the beginning of Fall I thought it would be good to post my summer playlist. This year was interesting in the since that some of the songs that are included were released a few years ago, I just now found them. Such as CSS, alt-J and Calvin Harris. Some of the best summer songs in my opinion come from Washed Out and Wild Nothing. Especially with Washed Out (FUN FACT: who’s from Columbia SC) makes me feel like summer. To be specific, Washed makes me think of a hot sticky summer night as a teenager sneaking into pools for a cool off or even just late night swimming with a slight buzz too. Actually a lot of this playlist has reflections back to my younger years. Such as Japandroids’ “Younger US”, which make me think back to my want-to-be punk rocker high school days. Going to concerts at run-down shady places that 16 years olds shouldn’t be. It also makes me think of how I had this huge outlook on life at 16, as though anything was possible and that I had the world to explore, and just even the simple excitement of be at a concert was amazing. Then I come crashing back to relazation that I’m 30 and my outlook on life is so much more in-depth on complex and not as sunny. I really miss that feeling and wish I could somehow get it back. But until then at least music has that ability of being able to take you back and make you like a teenager again.


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About veggiescruff

You may be wondering what the hell VeggieScruff means? Well my last name is Turnipseed that leads to the nickname Veggie, which I’ve had for years. The scruff part didn’t come till years later with I started to develop an admiration for beards and guys with them. I also grew a love for beer and as the years passed I began experimenting and trying new different beers. But the one thing that has always been present in my life was music, ever since I was a kid. Most of my friends even refer to me as a music-snob, I think it’s meant to enduring or at least that how I’m taking it. So basically a bearded guy will always gets my attention. Then if said bearded guy were drinking a microbrew or craft beer then I’d be intrigued. But if said dude with beer was listening to really awesome music… well then you’d be reading this blog, that or be on the best date ever. So feel free to follow along or leave, the title only consists of just some of my main interest but I’m also a Printmaker and Designer so some of those topics will be scattered about and probably a few random rants too. My posts may not be relevant or even safe for work. But I will always try to be honest, entertaining and even hopefully informative from time to time, if I feel like it.

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